Passionate serial entrepreneur & mechatronics engineer active in the tech industry, in his newest venture Ram is leading a team of data scientists, control engineers & computer programmers to deliver industrial level automation & inventory management solutions for the resource extraction industries including Mining and Oil & Gas. Ram recently left his role as the CEO of Mealo after selling his technology to a restaurant chain and is now serving the firm on the advisory board. Ram is a strong problem solver with more than five years of industry work experience in the fields of industrial automation, mechatronics, data analytics & software development. He holds a BASc in Mechatronics with a minor in Commerce & an MSc in Mechanical engineering from The University of British Columbia where he developed a novel magnetic sensor & detection method through the use of data analytics & machine learning algorithm.


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    AutomationX Industrial Solutions

    Product Management Consultant (April 2016 – Present)

    • Working with major multi-national Oil & Gas and Pulp & Paper companies delivering a novel automation solution for their plants to increase efficiency and reduce cost. As the product expert, I interact with clients both on the business and the technical side through the system development lifecycle to move the project forward.


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    Mealo Solutions Inc. (www.mealo.city)

    Co-founder & CEO - (May 2017 – Present)

    • Co-founded the company Mealo from idea to product within a single year. Mealo is a novel SMS based office meal platform that provides a convenient healthy lunch experience to working professionals. Our customers include: Aritzia, Hootsuite, Amazon, O2E Brands, and more. 
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    The University of British Columbia

    Teaching Assistant (September 2013 – March 2016)

    MECH 420 – Sensors and Actuators

    • Organized several laboratory exercises working with various sensors and actuators
    • Coordinated class discussions and lectures to help students complete their project tasks

    MECH 431 – Engineering Economics

    • Helped a class of over 200 students with assignments and projects on business modeling
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    Suncor Energy

    Mechanical Design Engineer (September 2011 – December 2011)

    • Worked in the mechanical design team where we collaborated with other engineering & business teams to model piping structures and pressure vessels used in some of the major growth project within Suncor. The designs were fabricated and installed in a fast paced environment where accuracy and precision were the utmost important.
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    JV Driver Projects Inc.

    Quality Coordinator - Coop Student (May 2011 – August 2011)

    • Developed and monitored use of project transmittal system
    • Worked with senior engineers to visual the welds in the shop
    • Helped with the NDE of the welds and spools including pneumatic testing, liquid penetrant inspection, and magnetic testing
    • Utilized applicable procedures, codes, and standards to evaluate test and inspection
    • Inspected isometric drawings making sure they matched with the marked spools
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    Crissy Field Media Inc.

    Mechatronics Engineer - Coop Student (May 2010 – August 2010)

    • Worked with a startup company on the design of the “ADPOD” (advertising kiosk with touchscreen monitors on sides where I physically built several small and actual size prototypes of the mechanical components and handled the engineering calculations for optimization of air flow inside the kiosk.
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    SADRA Iran Marine Industrial Co.

    Junior Mechanical Engineer - Coop Student (May 2009 – August 2009)

    • Scheduling & Work plan development - Coordination between engineering and construction activities
    • Handled part of estimating, pricing, and bidding
    • Completed the vendors’ specification sheets through inspection and communication with vendors
    • Worked on site in the Persian gulf to ensure the quality of installation and writing daily reports
    • Safety - worked on the HAZOP and SIL to ensure the safety of projects at all stages
  • Volunteer Work

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    VP Finance

    Mechanical Engineering Graduate Association, UBC

    MEGA is an organization started and run by students for students. Our aim is to help in creating a tight-knit community for the mechanical engineering graduate students and to facilitate peer support when needed. MEGA is also the organization which communicates with the university Graduate Student Society about mechanical engineering student’s perspective.

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    Vice President

    Innovate 2014

    Innovate 2014 is the first annual UBC Applied Science dialogue series focusing on bringing applied research to the community and providing a pathway for industry to partner. Through several thought-provoking, seven-minute presentations, engineering, nursing, architecture, landscape architecture, community and regional planning faculty will share why they are passionate about their work. After the talks, wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served to facilitate networking and inspire dialogue.

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    Organizing Volunteer

    Canadian Financial Forum

    The Forum features presentations from Canada's most promising technology companies, as approximately 40 technology companies compete for the attention of top tier investors from across Canada and the United States. Focusing on both IT & Creative and Cleantech & Advanced Technology companies, the Canadian Financing Forum matches North American corporate and venture capital investors with entrepreneurs on their way to building world-class technology companies.

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    Genome BC & Let's Talk Science

    Genome British Columbia is a catalyst for the life sciences cluster on Canada’s West Coast, and manages a cumulative portfolio of over $710M in 254 research projects and science and technology platforms. Working with governments, academia and industry across sectors such as forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, agri-food, energy and mining, environment, and human health, the goal of the organization is to generate social and economic benefits for British Columbia and Canada.

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    Student Volunteer

    18th Annual Canadian Mining Games

    Each year the Canadian Mining Games are held at participating Mining Engineering universities across Canada. The games involve academic challenges and hands-on competition between individual students or teams from each school.


    It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.

  • Academic Projects - Product development

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    Advanced Pump Performance Monitoring System

    Master's Thesis, 2015

    A magnetic sensor is designed to measure the structural wear on impeller blades. This sensor can be installed on existing pumps and does not require any pump modifications. Using a magnetic circuit with the pump and its components, wear is estimated by measuring the gap between the impeller and the pump housing. As the impeller wears, the gap between the impeller and the pump housing increases causing the reluctance of the magnetic circuit to increase which in turn reduces the inductance of the coil driving the magnetic circuit. This online magnetic sensor includes an electronic circuit and has an unamplified sensitivity of 0.60 V/mm.

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    Royal Dutch Shell Autonomous Pipe Inspection Robot 

    Capstone 2013

    By collaboration with Shell Canada and the University of British Columbia our team of 5 mechanical engineers received $10K to build a prototype of a pipe inspection robot capable of autonomously inspecting pipelines and measuring pipe integrity. A magnetic track assembly was designed and built to achieve proper maneuverability over pipelines. Also,we programmed a microcontroller installed on the robot to control the movement, eject UT gel and actuate a probe at 8 points around the pipe in two-inch increments completely autonomously.

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    Image Processing for Micro Particle Image Velocimetry

    Research - UBC, 2013

    As the main portion of this research project, we developed new techniques and approaches using image- preprocessing tools in order to increase the quality of images and subsequently PIV calculations. Particle Image Velocimetry is a well known technique for measuring the fluid motion in fluidic devices. By adding particles to a fluid, the μPIV can analyze the movement of the fluid and generate two-dimensional or even three dimensional flow fields. A PIV apparatus usually consists of a camera, a light source, and the fluid that is being examined.

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    Accelerometer Controlled Accident Free Vehicle

    UBC, 2012

    In this project in collaboration with one other engineering student I built a remote control vehicle with one drive motor for movement and a servo motor for direction. To accomplish this, I programmed two MSP430 microcontrollers along with two Zigbee modules one installed on the vehicle and one to be used as a controller for the vehicle. We used a 3-axis accelerometer to control the speed and direction of the vehicle and installed IR proximity sensors around the vehicle to make it stop before hitting surrounding objects. We also designed and built an H-Bridge using 4 MOSFETS to control the motor in two directions.

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    Pulp and Paper Screening Rotor Design and Modification                   

    UBC, 2009

    This project was aimed to modify the blades of a screening rotor used for pulp screening in mechanical pulping industry. Through this project, an extensive patent search was performed to study the state of the art technology and to compare prior designs. Power calculation, motor selection and operation optimization was also a big part of the project to minimize inefficiencies within the process. This work was done as a team project in collaboration with 5 other mechanical engineers at the University of British Columbia.

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    Remote Controlled Demining Vehicle Used for Land Mines

    UBC, 2008

    In this project, I worked with a group of 6 engineers to build a four wheeled vehicle with a 3DOF robotic arm capable of moving over sandy terrain and lifting designated land mines moving them to a safe location. For this, there was a gear box assembly designed and built to achieve a gear ration of 100:1. Two DC motors were also used attached to a speed controller to rotate the left and right shafts and two servo motors to maneuver the robotic arm. The structure of the vehicle was built from aluminum sheets and stainless steel supports. 

  • Startup Projects - product management

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    TipDip Inc., EasyMeez.com

    Co-Founder of TipDip Incorporation and its subsidary Easymeez in Iran. Easymeez is an easy-to-use app on your smartphone that allows you to find the best restaurant near you depending on your budget, food selection and rating, make reservations, place and keep track of your order, and have a tab open for your food and drinks, split the bill between friends, calculate and add the tip, pay right from your phone.


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    Co-founder of the company Quit involved in R&D research for development of a nicotine sensor that allows users to monitor consumption of nicotine per day and observe the patterns to help users quit cigarettes. Also, the enterprise solution for bigger corporations allows companies to monitor the consumption of cigarette through IoT systems.

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    Co-founded SmartFit with a group of 3 engineers and 3 MBA students involved in a round of accelerator programs and VC presentations. SmartFit is a cloud-based business solution focusing on the personal training industry. Our flagship products are Saas CRM applications that help personal trainers improve service quality, streamline business management and foster strong client relationship. By using our products, personal trainers can efficiently manage client portfolios, appointment schedules, service delivery, customer relations and many more on one platform.


    Product Design

    Worked with a number of startups and bigger corporate companies involved in producing and prototyping electronic products

    Project Management

    Successfully managed multiple projects and receiver of Leadership Award from UBC

    Sensors and Actuators

    Experience working with variety of magnetic, capacitive and inductive sensors and actuators from design to calibration and integration

    Microcontroller Design

    Worked with Motorola, Texas Instruments, Arduino, MSP430 and other microcontrollers

    Matlab and Simulink

    More than 10 years of experience working with Matlab and Simulink on various subjects

    Software Programming

    Proficient in C, C++, C#, Java, Python, xCode, Android Studio, Swift, objective C, etc.

    Simulation and CFD

    Highly experienced working with simulation software such as COMSOL Multiphysics and ANSYS 

    CAD Modelling

    Worked with several CAD softwares including Unigraphics, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.

    Circuit Design, PCBs and Flexes

    Designed various circuit boards for different purposes and have experience creating printed circuit boards

    Material Selection

    Extensive experience with manufacturing processes and material selection within different industries


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    Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc.)

    Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Graduate Studies

    The University of British Columbia - 2016

    GPA: 4.20

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    Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.)


     Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Option, Commerce Minor

    The University of British Columbia - 2013

    GPA: 3.50

  • Awards

    Graduate Student Leadership Award - 2016

    The University of British Columbia

    1st Place Best Poster Award Winner - 2016

    The University of British Columbia

    UBC OTSW Competition Winner - 2015

    Sauder School of Business, UBC

    Graduate Student Leadership Award - 2015

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, UBC

    Graduate Student Leadership Award 2014

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, UBC

    UBC Excellence Award - 2014

    Faculty of Applied Science, UBC

    Startup Weekend Choice Award - 2014


    Dean's Honour List - 2008

    The University of British Columbia

    Provincial Scholarship Award - 2007

    Government of British Columbia

    President's Entrance Scholarship - 2007

    The University of British Columbia


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    Kian Mousavi

    Process Engineer at Suncor


    Ramin has been a great inspiration for me and many of our mutual friends in the past few years that i had the pleasure of knowing him. As a classmate, I do not recall of a day that Ramin was not on time or was not paying his full attention to the content o the class. As a teammate, he was motivation for us. He is dedicated and takes initiation and wants to be challenged.

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    Borislav Trifonov

    CTO at Macroh USA, Inc.


    Ramin was a great asset to the company, doing mechanical engineering designs for its product, including building scale models and designing for water resistance and cooling airflow. In his work, he showed creativity and dedication, and could work independently to achieve the milestones set for him.

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    Pouya Hakimifard

    Digital Marketing Strategist


    Ramin has always been a great inspiration to me and many others with an overwhelming surge of enthusiasm, constantly pursuing opportunities beyond his comfort zone. More recently, I have had the pleasure of seeing his work attributes for his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at UBC and was very pleased to see his intuitive attention to detail and his novel approach to an electro-mechanical system and sensor design. In his work, he showed creativity and dedication. This is a distinctive quality of Ramin’s persona and hence his greatest strength towards the tech industry.


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